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New Release: After Life (Blood and Darkness Book 5) by Aria Storm


Title:   After Life (Blood and Darkness Book 5)

Author: Aria Storm

Genre: LGBTQ/Vampire/Vampire Romance

Format: Kindle

Publisher: Independent

Pages:   229 pages

Publication Date: August, 2021


Death holds no rest for the weary Demigoddess. At least I think this was death I passed through? My mother Lady Clare formerly of the Irish Vampyr Tribe came to me. My powers emerging might hold the only possible restitution to several lives hanging in the balance. 

Even after all I have endured, all that has been sacrificed, still I fight on. I must fight my way beyond the limits of my original self. The ultimate battle and the ultimate prize hang heavily in the scales of fate. 

By the end of this struggle, two youthful immortal lives could be restored. I will fight like the devils themselves to see my daughter returned to flesh and blood, as well the young apex Lycanthrope brother of one of my dearest mates. 

This first chapter in the Blood and Darkness Series come to a culmination. Either Mavis will handle the seemingly impossible task ahead of her or she will die, and all of the mortals realms will follow soon after! 

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