Coming Soon: The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty by Avery Brown


Title: Blood & Loyalty  

Series:  The Blood Sagas

Author:    Avery Brown 

Genre: Fiction/Graphic Novel

Publisher: Avery Brown Publishing

Publication Date: Early 2023

Synopsis:    Avery Brown Taps Into Your Imagination With New Graphic Novel!

It’s time to get lost in a book, and with the help of Atlanta-based Author Avery Brown, you will be finding yourself in a new world! For those who love adventure, fantasy, and war, Avery gives you that and more with the release of his debut Novel, “The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty”.

“The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty” is the first book in a Graphic Novel series written by Avery Brown, and it’s a story of freedom, oppression, loyalty, sacrifice, blood, and betrayal. The story focuses on the Shynes, a group of loyalists who strike fear in the masses, who handle things ruthlessly. The Mob is another group in the story who believes in brotherhood, and are young upstarts who seek to make a name for themselves in a free world. Baron Black and Captain BB are a pair in the story who are determined to fight for what’s right in the world, and they recruit various persons to execute their mission. Diablo and Elvira Vasa are a father-daughter pair who make things happen with precision, and they have solid alliances secured when it’s time for war. Each group featured have their sights set on taking down The Republic, a nation of law upholders who are civilized, and desire to rule the world under their leadership.

“The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty” features epic battles, storylines that will grab you, characters that you will become fans of, and wars that pits man against man, and Gods among themselves. Avery Brown expects “The Blood Saga: Blood & Loyalty” to become a bestseller that will launch a multitude of successful followups. As a part of plans for “The Blood Saga”, Avery looks to expand with merchandise that will include apparel, home goods, and accessories, and eyes the possibility of tapping into the Film and Video Game industries in the future.

Book lovers can get their senses ready when “The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty” launches in 2023 through Avery Brown Publishing. For more information, visit

About the Author

Avery Brown is a New York-born Author who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. A lover of Graphic Novels, Animation, and Film, Brown was inspired by the passing of a dear friend to start a series of Novels that will keep his friend’s name alive for generations to come. Avery Brown is currently working on followups to “The Blood Saga: Blood & Loyalty”, and is excited to share his bodies of work to the world!

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Featured Book-Frosty’s Tale by Mary Loveland



Title:  Frosty’s Tale

Author:    by Mary Loveland

Genre: NonFiction/Children’s/Animals-Horses

Format: Print

Pages:   56 pages


Publication Date: December 2021

Synopsis: Frosty’s Tale is a fun, color filled story about a Pony named Frosty. He teaches the different methods of care. Uses vivid pictures and explanations from picking hooves to dentistry.


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New Release: Life in the Depths by Hadi Hajizadeh

Life in the depths cover

Title: Life in the Depths  

Author:  Hadi Hajizadeh

Publisher:       Independent 

Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction

Format: ebook

Length:    155 Pages

Publication Date: March 27, 2022


An immigrant flees from Iran to Turkey. After a long journey, he starts wandering through the streets of Istanbul with one haunting thought on his mind to find work. In a cafe, he meets Esmail, who introduces him to Salahettin who gives him a job. In the little workshop, during the day he was sticking labels on clothes and at night the workshop became his new home. The atmosphere between the colleagues at work was cheerful and he started to spend more time with one of his colleagues: a Kurdish girl named Berivan. 

They start a physical relationship that soon blossoms into something more, but Berivan wants marriage and he is not ready for such a commitment and he pushes her away. To fill the emptiness Berivan left, he starts to hang out more with another girl from work, Golchin. Golchin has a husband and a child yet they begin a secret affair. One day, the pregnant Tulin caught them together at work but kept their secret. Blinded by lust he tried to seduce Tulin, as well as many women on the street. Still, Salahettin and Golchin’s husband discovered the secret lovers. Salahettin slapped him and told him to go away. Losing the woman, the job and a place to stay he was alone again, trying to find a new place of work. He changed a couple of different jobs, but never found a good place that Salahettin provided him with. As he couldn’t get a temporary inhabitance he had to go back to the last place where he wanted to be; back home in Iran, to Tehran. 

After three dark months, he took the bus back to Istanbul, regaining the sense of his freedom again.  With a help of an Iranian man, he found a new job. Soon he started to despise his fellow countrymen and then he met someone who led him to happiness again. Sitting on the remains of an old castle he met Aydin and his little dog Princess. Aydin invited him for tea and they went to his house. He adored his house and the sense of calmness Aydin provided. Aydin’s house became his new sanctuary. One day when he came to see him, Aydin had remains of makeup on his face and he found out that he was transgender. Aydin offered him they spend the night together, at first he was resistant but gave in to the lust temptations. They shared a beautiful relationship until he started sleeping with Golchin again. He lost them both and in the end fell extremely ill, only to be nurtured back to health by a young boy. The sickness was his atonement for his sins. He continued working hard, saved up money and came back to Iran.


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New Book: The Goal Getter: a workbook for goal setting by Cambria


Title:   The Goal Getter

Subtitle:  a workbook for goal setting

Author: Cambria

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Spirituality

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Independent

Pages:   83 pages

Publication Date: October 15, 2022

Synopsis:   Goal setting work book for women. Helps write out your long term and short term goals. This also helps you with discipline, time management and stay organized.
Aren’t you the one who is looking for inexpensive but useful workbook? The classic favorite notebook is all you need to get your goals. There will be plenty of space to write your notes. Whether, it is journaling or the lab notes, ‘The goal getter’ is irresistible. We all use sticky notes, note pads and notebooks with passwords at home. However, some of us go crazy when they forget the password. Lucky you, there will be no need to worry now.

All you need to have the coolest workbook ever to write down all essential information. The organized notes written on this notebook won’t take much time to find. Isn’t it the best way to keep a track of your goals? Apart from the strong binding, the smooth pages will resist smudging strongly. It lays perfectly flat on any surface while keeping the pages secure. You will be amazed to see how flawlessly your favorite gell or ball point moves on page.

Amazon Link: 

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New Release- Psychological Principles Of Power: Strategies And Skills To Transform Your Self By Jordon Bevan

Title: Psychological Principles Of Power

SubtitleStrategies And Skills To Transform Your Self

Author:    Jordon Bevan

Genre: NonFiction/ Psychology/Self-Help

Format: Now on Kindle (also in paperback)

Publisher: Independent

Pages:  64  pages

Publication Date: September 28, 2022


  • Learn How To Control Your Psychology
  • Learn How To Access The Most Powerful Psychological State For Your Well Being, Growth, And Performance
  • Learn To Simplify The Complexities Of The Mind
  • Learn The Principle Of Psychological Control
  • Learn The Principle Of Psychological Cause And Effect
  • Learn About Psychological Beliefs
  • Learn About Psychological Expectations
  • Learn The Principle Of Psychological Attraction
  • Learn About Psychological Correspondences
  • Learn The Principle Of Psychological Equivalency
  • Learn How To Unleash Your Inner Psychological Power


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New Release- The Wonder of Jazz: Music That Changed The World by Sammy Stein

WOJcover ISBN 9781800688728a

Title:  The Wonder of Jazz:  

Subtitle:   Music That Changed The World

Author:   Sammy Stein

Genre: Non-Fiction/Music/Jazz

Format: Paperback

164 Pages

Publisher:  Independent Publishing Network

Publication Date:  May 22, 2022

Synopsis:  This book not only shares the history, influences, and impact of jazz music. The Wonder of Jazz is like being in a room with some of jazz’s coolest people and spending a couple of hours soaking up their passion and knowledge.

Starting with the origins of jazz, this award-winning author, columnist and reviewer shares her knowledge generously and with an authority that makes this new publication a defining work on the subject.

This compendium is as compelling and informative to jazz novices and the music makers of the future as it is to those familiar with jazz’s complex harmonies, intricate rhythms, and creative arrangements.
With input from over 100 musicians the book discusses what exactly is jazz, and how do you know you are listening to it? Do we truly know when and how jazz first originated? Who was the first jazz musician? How does jazz link to other genres? What about women in jazz? And writers and journalists? Do reviews make any difference? Is the story of jazz more complex than the accepted chain of events?

This book is a deep dive into jazz’s history, impact, and future. It discusses the social, cultural, and political influence of jazz and reveals areas where jazz has had an impact we may not even realise. Its influences on hip hop, the connection to third stream, classical, and other art forms are all discussed as well as the future, the impact of young people and how they are changing established canons from within.

The journey this book takes the reader on is one of discovery and revelation.

Some of the information comes from research by the author but much comes from those in the music, those who teach, witness the reactions of an audience, and understand how relevant jazz is right now.
The book looks at jazz’s game changers – the people after whom the music was never the same, civil rights, gender, jazz dynasties, and how jazz musicians have lent their power to deliver political messages in subtle and not so subtle ways.

A book about jazz music’s vitality, energy, dynamism and its people, the ordinary people making extraordinary music.

Jazzwise magazine said of Sammy’s work, “It’s all here, beautifully written, eloquently argued, clear-eyed in its intentions and open in its invitation” and Jazz Matters said, “The sheer volume and status of the people who have given up their time to help Sammy, both women, and men, is a testament to the respect Sammy has earned across the industry and the trust people have in her to relay their stories faithfully.” Jazz Views say, “Ms. Stein writes in a commanding and authoritative style that ensures that the reader’s attention is grasped from the outset, and sets out her statements and opinions clearly and concisely before backing them up with solid facts and opinions.


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New Book: From Shattered To Soaring: How I Transformed Anxiety, Panic, and Depression to Uncover Greatness-and You Can Too by Craig Evans


From Shattered To Soaring EBOOK

Title:   From Shattered To Soaring

Subtitle:   How I Transformed Anxiety, Panic, and Depression To Uncover Greatness – And You Can Too

Author: Craig Evans

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Mental Health/Health

Format: eBook and Paperback

Publisher: Lion Trail Publishing

Pages:   192 pages

Publication Date: April, 2022

Abandonment, physical abuse, and psychological torture swallowed his youth. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia were the result of suffering. But through surviving cancer, a new self-discipline was born; that of iron will and perseverance. Craig transformed himself from the broken pieces to find powerful courage to soar through fear, then above it.

In From Shattered To Soaring, he shares his extraordinary life story and reveals the powerful techniques as a practical guide he used to transform fear, anxiety, and panic, to reach his full potential. His story uncovers a path that anyone can follow with actionable exercises to shatter fear, drive through pain, and uncover their greatness.

This book was written for those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and depression. After enduring a lifelong struggle with these debilitating disorders, Craig discovered a way though the fear, and no longer suffers.

• If you are paralyzed by fear
• Stuck in the grip of anxiety
• Frozen in place by panic attacks
• Enclosed by overwhelming agoraphobia
• Or buried in a deep well of depression

This book was written just for you.

Craig Evans has been where you are now, and knows what it feels like to try your best and to fail. Once stuck in the seemingly never ending cycle of fear, anxiety, panic, then self-preservation, he managed to shatter those glass ceilings, and soar to heights once thought impossible.

He has found the keys that will help you pass through the door of panic and fear so that they no longer control you. What may seem impossible now will become your past achievements. You can become the key maker to unlock any door you previously thought impossible. Apply what Craig share’s, and you will become your own superhero.


Amazon Link:

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New Release: Lamplight by A. David Barrett


Title: Lamplight


Publisher:       Future Fossil Fiction Publishing; 2nd ed. edition

Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction

Format: Paperback, Hardcover, & ebook

Length:    320 Pages

Publication Date: March 27, 2022



As Davey O’Shea works as a Sparker for Nikola Tesla, implementing his wireless electricity technology to the streets of London in 1888, he is also on the lookout as a detective for Scotland Yard during the peak of Jack the Ripper’s gruesome spree. Visited by a strange man one night out on the job, Davey is presented with the legendary sword, Excalibur, and upon touching it, learns he is a descendant of King Arthur himself. Now armed with the knowledge of his famed ancestor, Davey joins forces with other descendants of the Round Table to search for King Arthur’s true nemesis. Always two steps behind, however, and with more of the Ripper’s victims piling up, Davey must find a way to get ahead in order to stop both past and present adversaries.

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Featured Book- Tae Kwon Dog: The Power Within by Diane DiRoberto



Title:  Tae Kwon Dog: The Power Within

Author:    Diane DiRoberto

Illustrated:  Susan Szeci

Genre: Fiction/Children’s Fiction (6-10)/Humor

Format:  Paperback and eBook

Publisher:  Taekwondog Books

Pages:  124 pages 

Publication Date: January 2021

Synopsis: TAE KWON DOG – The Power Within Tae Kwon Dog breaks boulders with his bare paws, spins out of sight in thin air, empowers the weak and timid to face their fears, and makes bullies shake and run. Some call him a martial arts superhero, others think he possesses some magical power. But this once scruffy pup turned canine black belt knows his most awesome secret power isn’t magical at all. And anybody can have it if they dare to believe. Do you dare?

Buying Link: 

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NEW RELEASE: Life in a Nutshell by Kay Cee



Title: Life in a Nutshell 

Author: Kay See

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Fiction

Format: eBook

Publication Date: February 2022

Synopsis:   This book follows the story of a 17 year old boy named Jesse. He goes from wanting nothing out of life and struggling with his mental health to becoming a person he never thought he could be.

Amazon Link:


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