Featured YA- The Time Before the Moon by Kameron Williams


Title:   The Time Before the Moon

Author: Kameron Williams

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult Fiction/Mythology

Format: eBook and paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Pages:  351 pages 

Publication Date: May 2018

Synopsis: In the ancient world, when the days were short and the nights were long and moonless, one boy questions the customs of his village—a thing others would never dare to do. He is Omi, and he knows something isn’t right about the place he calls home.Soon his curiosity puts him in danger, and what he learns changes everything. He flees the village, pursued by the wicked hierarchy he’s challenged, its leader desperate to maintain control. Lives are lost, homes are destroyed, and Omi vows to bring justice to the culprits.But to have his revenge, he must first survive the wild.

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New Release- Fountain of Happiness: Open Your Arms and Embrace Your Joy By Teamika J



Title:  Fountain of Happiness

Subtitle: Open Your Arms and Embrace Your Joy

Author:    Teamika J.

Genre: NonFiction/ Worship/Religion/Devotion

Format: Paperback & Kindle

Publisher: Independent

Pages:  144  pages

Publication Date: April 30, 2020

Synopsis: What is the one thing that every human deserves to get, just like food, water, shelter, and clothing? Not sure of what is it? Well, let me help you…IT’S HAPPINESS.Each person on this planet has a right to be happy and enjoy the sweet fruit of joy. Unfortunately, in today’s era we have somehow neglected our happiness and made other less important things our priority. Maybe it’s time to revive your lost happiness and savor its delicious flavor.Not sure how to start?Where to find happiness? How to be genuinely happy without paying any attention to what others think of you? Well then you are in luck, this book has all the answers to your questions and concerns about your happiness. Furthermore, this book will surely change your perspective about how you perceive the feeling of happiness.This book will unlock all the secrets to let your happiness bloom with all its beauty, and radiate the aura of joy from you wherever you go. Wouldn’t it be great to be happy and be the reason of other people’s happiness? The lost gem of happiness is what our world is in dire need of today.So what are you waiting for? The secrets to unleash your happiness is just a click away. Click “Buy Now” button now and give yourself the gift to find your lost happiness in this era of constant hustle and bustle. Allow yourself to be truly happy and keep the sadness off the bay in your life. Remember, life is too short. Don’t waste your time being upset and denying yourself from the addicting pleasure of HAPPINESS.


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New Release: You are Beautiful by Flores Isler

You are Beautiful Kindle cover

Title:   You Are Beautiful

Author:   Flores Isler

Genre: Non-Fiction/Women’s Issues/Self-Care

Format: Paperback/eBook

223 Pages

Publisher: Self

Publication Date: March 20, 2020

Synopsis: “A woman’s guide to achieve self-contentment and inner peace.”“A book that will empower women, boost their self-esteem and help fight against negativity and depression.”“God created you truly valuable and special. The true beauty in you will eventually unfold. You are, indeed, a beautiful creature and this book will tell you why.” “A good read also for men who want to see the beauty of life, which they might not have noticed or just had taken for granted before.”Flores Isler has always loved to read which was her motivation to pursue a writing career. She authored more than thirty published romance pocketbooks and few horror/thriller stories under the pseudonym of Kathleen Guiller. She then became an advocate of self-empowerment, especially for women and this became her life purpose, so she shifted to writing inspirational books, which also opened the door for her to be a life coach. Isler describes herself as a simple person, who believes that life is happier if you live simpler. In this book, Isler brings her wisdom to teach people and especially women how to unlock the real sources of empowerment. Once we embrace our flaws and believe in our inner beauty regardless of our outer appearances, we can begin to find the confidence and courage that will help us have high self-esteem and live a happy and contented life. Isler makes the argument that our unique beauty is a gift to the world and can make it a better place to live in if we learn how to unleash the beauty within us. As she writes, “Beauty is a state of the mind, not a state of the body.” Isler advises us to use self-acceptance and the belief that we are beautiful creatures, as a tool, to be the best version of ourselves that we all yearn for.

Buying Link : https://www.amazon.com/You-are-Beautiful-Flores-Isler/dp/B085DT64FZ/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr

More About the Author:

Flores Isler was born in Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines and grew up there. She started her writing career in the year 2003 and became a romance novelist in one of the leading publishing houses in her country, using a pseudonym of Kathleen Guiller. She also wrote a few suspense/thriller stories and later on became an advocate of self-empowerment, which lead her to switch her writing to an inspirational genre, and this opened the door for her to life coaching. She describes herself as a simple person, who believes that “the sustainability of life is when we learn to survive internally to continue living externally”. She is currently working in Dubai, UAE and also pursuing her passion for writing during her spare time. Other inspirational books on her pipeline are: The Rough Road Journey, Know Thy Self and My Quote Collection.



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New Release- Scandals and Scones: Swashies Secrets Part 2



Title:         Scandals and Scones: Swashies secrets Part 2

Subtitle:   (Lock stock and barrel)

Author:    M. Grant Swash

Genre: Non-Fiction/True Humorous tales

Format: Kindle and Paperback

Pages:   288 pages

Publication Date: April 10, 2020 


10 chapters light-hearted and true stories, Find out about the strangest marriage, The biggest sex party and the things concierge have to do

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New Release-Time For Bed: Healthy Sleep Training from Birth to Five by Mary Simmons


Title: Time For Bed: Healthy Sleep Training from Birth to Five

Author:   Mary Simmons

Genre: Non-Fiction/parenting/Families

Format: eBook & paperback

Pages:    122 Pages

Date:      March 20, 2020

Publisher: Self/Amazon Digital Services


Mommy, I wannna sleep! Sleep Training for Baby 0-5 years: Full Guide about problems and methods for your toddler

Wah wah wah! … honey, the baby’s crying… I know, comfort her yourself, babe … I’ve already got up to her 8 times this night…

Do you remember yourself when you were 2/3/6/12 months? … Why you cried and how your parents comforted you? This book was created as a complete guide for parents-to-be and sleep deprived new parents and their children who really want to rest, but still can’t because of their very little age. In this manual, I gathered my own experience on sleep training my kids, focus group data and research on the problems of children’s sleep.

Why our guide is different from other books and how it will really help you to sleep more and gently sleep train your baby?

    • Brief theory
    • No trivial and superficial stuff
    • Working parents, we’ve got your back!
    • Sleep training tips based on your child’s type and temperament
    • Rituals and tips on getting your child ready for bedtime
    • Techniques for children of different ages
  • Most popular questions answered and problems explained

Our guidebook is your ticket to a Land of Dreams!

We have revealed and explained reasons that impede child’s healthy sleep. What questions parents have about the child’s sleep at different stages? We’ve studied social networks and pediatricians’ advice on children’s sleep issues.

    • Sleep training for 1 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 2 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 3 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 4 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 5 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 6 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 8 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 9 Month olds
    • Sleep training for 10 Month olds
    • Sleep training Baby 2 Year olds
  • Sleep training Baby 3 Year olds

In Part Two, you will learn about the differences in your child’s temperament and how it affects sleep; strategies to help your child sleep depending on this.
In part Five, we will share answers to popular questions and give more tips for sleeping: better place to sleep, healthy sleep routines, white noise, treating colic and more.

Still have doubts?
You can walk and yawn, be always irritated, having matchstick eyes and falling asleep in the toilet! But you cannot ignore the health of your child, you will learn the theory of sleep from our guide.


Buying Links:


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Genre: Christian/Personal Growth

Format: eBook

Pages:   42 pages

Publication Date: February 20, 2020

Synopsis:   This book, contains inspirational Bible verses with thoughts, for daily living, and uplifting your mind, and spiritual well being

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0851SFKMN/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_ixNyEbD2J1N56

Author’s Contact



Email:            kadianpalmer@yahoo.com

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/prophetesskadian.asemota

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Featured: The Heart Speaks of Love, Spirit, Life & Death: A Collection of Poems, Songs & Short Rhyming Stories by Doris Hall


Title:  The Heart Speaks of Love, Spirit, Life & Death

Subtitle:   A Collection of Poems, Songs & Short Rhyming Stories

Author: Doris S. Hall

Genre: Poety/Christian Fiction

Format: Hardcover/Paperbook/eBook

Publisher: Westbow Press

Pages:   394 pages

Publication Date: November 22, 2019

Synopsis:   This book is compiled of many different stories, poems and songs written from many different perspectives and is full of diversity and thought provoking words.

This book has been collected from personal experiences and/or visions that God has shown the writer. Be ready to laugh, cry and sing when you sit down with this book.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Speaks-Love-Spirit-Death/dp/1973675900/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


Look for this book in additional languages

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