New Release- Gratitude Journal for Kids by Tiffany Watkins

Gratitude Journal for kids front pic


Title:  Gratitude Journal for Kids 

Author:    Tiffany Watkins

Genre: Non-Fiction/Children’s learning

Format: Paperback

Pages:   100 pages

Publication Date: May 24, 2020


Sometimes it can be challenging trying to encourage kids to remain positive. One way is to teach them the importance of Gratitude. This gratitude journal for kids will help girls focus on the positive things in their lives. It will also encourage an Attitude of Gratitude. Your child will be able to write down 3 things they are grateful for each day. It also includes a “Magic Moment of the Day” to highlight something special that happened to them during that day. They can draw using their artistic abilities in the “Magic Moment of the Day” section to express their gratefulness.

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New Release -How to Deal with the Police: A Blunt Tutorial on How to Avoid Getting in Trouble with the Police by Dr. Ike Okani

Title:   Federal Nightmare: Featuring Drive 

Author: Dr. Ike Okani

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Crime Awareness

Format: eBook & Paperback

Publisher: Independent Publishing

Pages:  52 pages

Publication Date: June 27, 2020


This book is for you if you’ve been getting in trouble with the police and you’re hungry for knowledge on how to stop that. This book is for you if you’re a parent that’s often worried that your child could be the next victim of police brutality and would want your children to read this for their own sake, and for your own peace of mind. You’re a high school teacher and you would want to recommend this book to your students. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that life the way it is (police brutality does exist) must be handled in a way that you do not become a victim of police brutality too. If you were waiting for the utopian future of no police brutality anywhere, you would not be reading this book.

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Featured Book: After The Storm by Natalie P. Jenkins


Title:  After The Storm

Author: Natalie P. Jenkins

Genre: Fiction/Biographical/Human Relationships

Format: eBook 

Publisher: Amazon

Publication Date: December 15, 2020


Shattered after her fiancé is killed, Natalie struggles to go on without him. Alone for the first time in a long time, she battles overwhelming and all-consuming emotions and has almost reached the point of no return.

As her PTSD grows increasingly worse, her ability to see light at the end of a brutally dark tunnel dwindles. It’s only a matter of time before her grief destroys her ability to find love again.

Follow her story as she fights for her spiritual and emotional life amid heartache, pain and new love.

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New Book: A Simple Book For A Simple Life-Travel Book: An Oracle from the Himalayan Sage by Anne Haack

Bold Show Your True Colors Poster_gradient

Title:   A Simple Book For A Simple Life

Subtitle:   Travel Book: An Oracle from the Himalayan Sages

Author: Anne Haack

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Spirituality/Health

Format: Hardcover (large Print)

Publisher: Independent

Pages:   144 pages

Publication Date: June 19, 2020

Synopsis:     A Simple Book For A Simple Life written by Anne Haack is a daily oracle. It contains 66 messages to come back to your heart and make choices in alignment with your True Self. Open the book at any page and receive the answer you need to hear right now! The messages came about in meditation in a cave in the Himalayas over two years.

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New Release-My Best Recipes by Tiffany Watkins

My Best Recipes Blank Cookbook Cover

Title:  My Best Recipes 

Author:    Tiffany Watkins

Genre: NonFiction/ Cookbook

Format: Paperback 

Pages:   140 pages

Publication Date: May, 2020

Synopsis: It is important to have recipes years down the line that you can pass down to your kids, mentees, and others. Consider if the electricity goes out in the middle of you preparing your favorite dinner from your favorite device!?!? Well, writing your recipes down in your special cooking journal saves you from the disappointment of losing it all. In “My Best Recipes Book” it includes:*Table of Contents*Full 2-page spreads for recipes for plenty of room to write in*Classification separation of the recipe as either a Starter, Main Course, Dessert, or Baking Dish*Space for a title, serving sizes, prep time, rating, directions, cook time, ingredients and personal notes*Professionally designed matte softbound cover*7.5″ x 9.25″ dimensions; for your kitchen, or home*Ability to record and organize 125 of your favorite recipes you can use “My Best Recipes Book” for categorizing recipes, creating meals, and hush-hush recipes. These recipe books make the perfect gift for anyone that loves cooking or baking.

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Featured-Sandwich Spanish IS Painless Spanish: No Grammar-No Rules by Carol Ann George Phd

Dual Cover SS Front and Baj_ck 10.19-page-0

Title:  Sandwich Spanish IS Painless Spanish: No Grammar-No Rules

Author:    Carol Ann George Phd

Genre: NonFiction/ Language Reference

Format: Paperback & Kindle

Pages:   137 pages

Publication Date: November, 2019


 EVERYONE I Know Wants to SPEAK Spanish! DO YOU?Spanish “de-mystified!A Method that Finally Works! And yes, NO GRAMMAR! No verb conjugations! Just imagine!FROM COVER TO COVER: Everything you Need! Research based, unique method to finally speak and understand real, frequently used Spanish. WHY A SANDWICH? “Sandwich Spanish” is a unique approach! The top bread of your sandwich is to engage in the conversation and get attention, the meat is the purpose for speaking, and the bottom is to culturally close the communication. It is a “Sandwich of Spanish communication”! Authentic language with the right cultural exchange! This book offers 8 TOPIC BUNDLES” of the most frequent daily scenarios, and 40 frequently used NATIVE expressions so you can pivot your way to speaking like a native speaker! With these 40, you will be able to create Spanish that is near native as you perfect the FIVE VOWELS, and the 12 CONSONANT exceptions that are the heart of basic, natural, everyday Spanish conversation! Highlighting a real need for speaking Spanish, each bundle starts by electing a ‘pivot’, or key phrase that can be used “ on call” in several, diverse settings. Then relevant “ingredients” are presented as well as cues and tips. What ultimately strengthens this entire process is the firm acquisition of the five clear vowels that always sound the same (and are the heart of any word in Spanish) and the consonants, which are mostly the same as English with only 12 exceptions. Understanding the sounds and focusing on Spanish pronunciation is key in Sandwich Spanish as it allows us to feel confident and at ease, encouraging more practice, moving us beyond the fear of speaking.The “topic bundles” are at the heart of Sandwich Spanish. They identify the purpose of the conversation by pinpointing the exact language need from the infinite possibilities that exist in all languages, pinpointing the most frequent language functions found in personal, social, and professional settings, such as making small talk with neighbors, dining out, and using public transportation.Instead of grammar rules, these topic bundles give you the most used, most common ‘action forms’ that are practical and easy to learn. You only learn what you need! You are not learning about the language, memorizing verb conjugations you will never use (nor remember anyway): you are learning to use Spanish that will allow you to function in diverse social settings!If you have tried high school and college courses, online resources, apps, podcasts, videos, etc. and still have not been able to speak well enough to carry on a conversation, this book is for you! If you have had enough of grammar, high school Spanish, and online ‘quick fixes’, this book is for you.If you are frustrated after many attempts at learning to speak Spanish, and are stuck at one level, this book is for you.With this strong foundation in Spanish , you will then be able to move on and improve your level of Spanish with confidence! So, join the many others and begin your own BILINGUAL JOURNEY! ¡Buenas Suerte!Artisan 

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New Release: EMPIRE OF ONE By Thaine Chase




Title:   The Oracle’s Journal

Series:       Volume One of the Wandering Invader Series

Author:    Thaine Chase

Genre: Fiction/ Fantasy

Format: eBook/Paperback

Publisher: Beau ideal Production

Pages:   446 pages

Publication Date: April 14, 2020

Synopsis: “EMPIRE OF ONE” by Thaine Chase is the first book in an epic adventure that evokes an ancient time of folklore and mysticism just out of reach of the naked eye.

Chase’s lyrical prose and fluid first-person narrative provide a deeply sensory experience, full of intense battle sequences and breathless chases through a well-crafted, and intricate backdrop of layered arcana.

The wandering invader has gone by the name Fintan, Sreng, and over 200 other identities in his life as he’s traveled through our history — always making sure his true name never be revealed. He’s survived The Great Flood, The Plague, The Inquisition, and every major war ever fought in the past 5,000 years.

He’s been a king, a slave, and every class status between the two. He knows how to win, lose, and draw — how to walk with guilt, fear, love, hate, and the burning hunger to feel the sweet release of death.

He is and has been many things — but if you ask him, who or what he is… he would answer proudly to the title; ‘FirBolg’, the very specific honorific a present day invading alien race will violently come to know and fear.

Dreamlike and surreal, EMPIRE OF ONE is a truly engaging tale, and is the launching pad for author Thaine Chase’s WANDERING INVADER SERIES.

Info & Buying Link:


Author Bio:   Born in Atlantic, Canada — Thaine Chase’s love for word-craft began early in his childhood years, manifesting in the form of short stories.

Even though he was repeatedly encouraged by both his teachers and parents alike, Thaine resisted the temptation to walk the road of the ‘writer’, fearful an artistic life was too much of a risk in a world driven by job security and financial status, so instead, like others in his family, he chose a blue-collar career and the guaranteed paycheque.

Now, more than five decades later, Thaine has finally surrendered to his fondness for storytelling, and has decided to take a serious stab at fictional writing.

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New Release- Cyber Spy by Heaven Love


Title:   Cyber Spy

Author: Heaven Love

Genre: Fiction/Suspense/Mystery

Format: paperback

Publisher: Self

Pages:  208 Pages

Publication Date: April 3, 2020 

Synopsis:  Rebekkah Rye thought the excitement in her life left along with her ex-best friend, Chord Price, when he left her in Coweta, Oklahoma to further his music career. That is, until the popular app “Lifeview” enters the field.

Now, it’s up to Rebekkah to put a stop to Grey–a mysterious user steadily building an empire through their exploitations of Lifeview’s 24/7 live-streaming features–and their cronies’ dastardly plans before it’s too late.

All the while, she deals with haunting memories, a sick mother, and the return of a familiar face.

Armed with connections and a sharp whit, maybe victory won’t be unattainable.


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New eBook- Fountain of Happiness: Open Your Arms and Embrace Your Joy By Teamika J

Title:  Fountain of Happiness

Subtitle: Open Your Arms and Embrace Your Joy

Author:    Teamika J.

Genre: NonFiction/ Worship/Religion/Devotion

Format: Now on Kindle

Publisher: Independent

Pages:  144  pages

Publication Date: May 20, 2020

Synopsis: What is the one thing that every human deserves to get, just like food, water, shelter, and clothing? Not sure of what is it? Well, let me help you…IT’S HAPPINESS.Each person on this planet has a right to be happy and enjoy the sweet fruit of joy. Unfortunately, in today’s era we have somehow neglected our happiness and made other less important things our priority. Maybe it’s time to revive your lost happiness and savor its delicious flavor.Not sure how to start?Where to find happiness? How to be genuinely happy without paying any attention to what others think of you? Well then you are in luck, this book has all the answers to your questions and concerns about your happiness. Furthermore, this book will surely change your perspective about how you perceive the feeling of happiness.This book will unlock all the secrets to let your happiness bloom with all its beauty, and radiate the aura of joy from you wherever you go. Wouldn’t it be great to be happy and be the reason of other people’s happiness? The lost gem of happiness is what our world is in dire need of today.So what are you waiting for? The secrets to unleash your happiness is just a click away. Click “Buy Now” button now and give yourself the gift to find your lost happiness in this era of constant hustle and bustle. Allow yourself to be truly happy and keep the sadness off the bay in your life. Remember, life is too short. Don’t waste your time being upset and denying yourself from the addicting pleasure of HAPPINESS.

51pZW0CsC3LTo contact Teamika, email:
Teamika successfully placed candidates at Bloomberg, Forbes, Guardian Life Ins., Millennium Management, First Republic Bank, Citi Bank, Battalion, Gucci, Heidrick and Struggles, News Corp, Davis & Gilbert and more.
Teamika started her own recruitment firm My Dream Staffing Agency in hopes to combat HR’s unconscious biases toward diverse candidates. She is also the creator of CAREER BREAKTHROUGH, a career development seminar held at Morgan Stanley in Times Square.
With this book in hand, Teamika is on a mission to improve the way individuals view their surroundings. She believes happiness is a mindset that we can conquer with the right tools.


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Featured Book: The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership by Shawn Abrams

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership Shawn Abrams Final book cover


Title: The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

Genre: Non-Fiction/Business/Business Success

Format: eBook & paperbakc

Length:   157 pages

Publisher:   Abrams 360 Media

Publication Date:  February 2020

Synopsis:   The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership is a first of its kind book. It effectively addresses and shines a light on the two areas of your life that can cost you the most. They are Leadership and Relationships. If you’re leading people without the benefit of relationship, you could be bullying them, and if you’re loving people without the benefit of relationship, you could be lonely. Most people will tell you they’re a leader, but few people can define leadership. How can we maintain the integrity of it or even recognize it without being able to define it? More importantly, how can we teach it if we can’t define it? Your organization has multiple levels of people and there must be Continuity of Leadership through them.This represents an intangible ‘throughline’ that your profits and productivity will follow because the people that work for you are affected by it. I don’t lead with words. I coach my team with words, I mentor them with Statement challenges, and lead with compassion. In this book, you will learn how to employ Applied Leadership to coach and mentor people to reach their next level. In turn, they will help you to reach your next level. Establishing relationships with those we lead will keep them engaged with our vision long after the meeting has ended. Your vision of tomorrow is bigger than today, and the potential of you people is greater than their problems. You must believe this because aside from an extreme shortage of resources, the only reason teams fail is because of their leader. Know this, before you get people to change the way they think you must change the way you think. I’ll share that in detail with you. Finally, I cover Emotional Intelligence. Leadership skills and emotional intelligence parallel each other, but they are not the same. People are more inclined to follow relationships than a leader! If you can occupy both these spaces in someone’s life at the same time, you possess The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership.


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