Coming Soon: The Wave by Lochlan Bloom (4/16)

March 18, 2016-


Coming Soon: The Wave by Lochlan Bloom


Title: The Wave

Author: Lochlan Bloom 

Genre: Fiction

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Dead Ink Publishing

Publication Date: April 2016


A dark mixture of David Lynch and Kafka, The Wave combines multiple narratives to blend metafiction, historical fiction and screenplay as each of the characters struggles to understand what is reality and what is fiction.

When μ returns home to find a sinister screenplay has arrived from Brazil it propels him on a quest to track down a character he believes to be called Ddunsel.

As μ’s search progresses it slowly becomes entangled with two parallel tales – the stories of DOWN, a troubled publisher, and David Bohm, a real-life quantum theoretician in post-war São Paulo.

Just how far is it from London to Gotham City? Or from Paul Auster to Pierre Menard for that matter? Some people may think these sorts of questions are idle and ultimately meaningless but this book is not for them.

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