New Release: Military Madness-The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles Vol. 2 by Cari Schaeffer


3DEBookMilitary_MadnessTitle: Military Madness-The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles (Vol. 2)

Author: Cari Schaeffer

Genre: Fiction/Romance/Women’s Interest

Format: eBook- Series and Paperback

Publisher: Cari Schaeffer

Publication Date: July 8, 2016


Heather loves Rick. Rick loves Heather. Their romance will never end. They married and will live happily ever after…

Reality has a nasty way of crashing in on your dreams, especially when your husband is in the military. When Heather married Rick, she had no idea how much the uniform, and the commitment, would permeate every aspect of her life and burgeoning family. The more years they put behind them, the more responsibility gets heaped on them in Rick’s ambition to reach the top of the military heap. Friends, family, separations, and surprises await in this ongoing family saga.

Sacrifice, service, heartache, loneliness, strength, and tears. This is the cost of entry into the unique band of individuals known as Military Spouses. Not everyone is up to the task.

Can their marriage survive the strain, or will it shatter?

Join Heather and Rick in this second installment of the trilogy as they continue the journey together. Meet more interesting characters from the unique, and often overwhelming, perspective of a Military Spouse.

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Series Info:  The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles (Continue with Heather and Rick through military life. Volume One FREE inside.)

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