Featured Book: The Ivory Staff: A Dark Fairy Tale of Kings and War by M. Lachi

June 12, 2017-


Title:  The Ivory Staff: A Dark Fairy Tale of Kings and War

Author:  M. Lachi  

Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction/Mythology

Format: eBook and Paperback

Publisher: Love Ego

Publication Date: October 15, 2015 (Paperback 280 pages)

February 28, 2017 (Kindle)


How was young Samiyah to know that her simple grace, wit, andbeauty–exceptional traits given her peasant class–would land her in the middle of a chessboard of high-level political turmoil or that thelove that blinds politics, the hate that blinds brotherhood, and thelust that blinds love would flip that chessboard on its side?

Editorial Reviews


Reviewed By Norm Goldman of BookPleasures on Examiner.com
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
“In this brief review it is quite difficult to convey the full flavor ofthis mesmerizing feast of a book…However, best of all we must notforget Lachi’s distinctive, unique and sometimes even chilling voice as she crafts a stunning, sprawling novel where enormous risks are taken, not least that of demanding our understanding for the monstrous andunthinkable. In addition, her development of plot is perfectlycalibrated as she maintains all of the elements of the yarn insuspension.”
-Norm Goldman of BookPleasures

“Youmay not realize it when you first pick up this book, but you have stepped unsuspectinginto a whimsical, captivating, unpredictable world and you will not be let outuntil the final stroke of Lachi’s pen.Thiswas a thoroughly enjoyable read; all 365 pages easily done in one sitting. Asemotionally exhausting as it is exciting, the Ivory Staff introduces Lachi as aconsummate writer.  Idare say this timeless story will age well; I shall be returning to it againand again. “
-Review by Efioanwan “Fifi” Edem of NewBooksNigeria



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Trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpGjWE6D8M0
Twitter- twitter.com/mlachiauthor
instagram- instagram.com/mlachiauthor
facebook- facebook.com/mlachiauthor

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