Featured Book- Ins & Outs: A Life in Television by Jeff Dugan

Title:   Ins & Outs: A Life in Television

Author: Jeff Dugan

Genre: Non-Fiction/AutoBiography/Comedic 

Format: Kindle and Paperback

Publisher:  Rocket Ship Press (Kindle)

Pages:   294 (paperback)

Publication Date:  January 2018

Synopsis:  An often hilarious look at the rise of an unlikely television producer.  Jeff Dugan began his career in television as an ashtray holder for Forrest Tucker doing every possible job up to Executive Producer for the Discovery Channel. Dugan worked alongside some of the most powerful people in the world, from the Pope to Oprah, and things rarely went smoothly. Ted Kennedy thought he was an assassin. Andre the Giant wanted to break him in half. And on the biggest series of his career, he almost killed his celebrity narrator on the first day of shooting. Ins & Outs is a humorous look behind the scenes of American television written by a guy who made it to the top despite the carnage he left behind.

Buying Link: https://www.amazon.com/Ins-Outs-Television-Jeff-Dugan-ebook/dp/B07915SXSH/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1530104981&sr=8-1&dpID=61BjcM7X2IL&preST=_SY445_QL70_&dpSrc=detail

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