Featured: The Inbox By Daniel Ortiz

9781649904508_Cover 2021

Title:   The Inbox

Author:    Daniel Ortiz

Genre: Fiction/ Horror

Format: eBook/Paperback

Publisher:  Palmetto Publishing

Pages:   58 pages

Publication Date: December, 2020

Synopsis: In this dark, suspenseful thriller, Daniel Ortiz weaves a story of Twenty-three-year-old Devon Owens, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he sets out searching for a new life. His search begins, like so many things do, online. One day, he receives an unexpected message from an online stranger. Intrigued, Devon replies, but things soon take a dark turn as messages become more sinister, pulling him into a deep twisted, diabolical trap. Devon suddenly finds himself confined in an inescapable online nightmare. Will he succumb to its impenetrable darkness or break free from its grasp?

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Filed under Fiction, Horror

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