New-Speaking Together In Tagalog: Let’s Talk About School by by Marie Urquidi



Title:  Speaking Together In Tagalog: Let’s Talk About School

Author:    by Marie Urquidi (Author), William Tang (Editor), Tracey Rabago (Illustrator)

Genre: NonFiction/ Language Reference

Format: Paperback 

Pages:   110 pages

Publisher: DLI Parent Books

Publication Date: July ,2021


 Do you want your child to develop an understanding of Tagalog, communicate confidently with others whilst learning a new language yourself? Through phonetic translations, easy phrases for conversation starters, simple activities and extensive practice and review, Speaking Together In Tagalog will provide you with the skills you need to practice a new language easily alongside your child. Designed to offer more opportunities for your student to speak Tagalog outside of schools and private tutoring. Specially designed to equip monolingual parents with the facilities to introduce a new language to children, a wealth of information and ideas for using Tagalog in context means that children can enjoy learning Tagalog from the very start.

  • Each activity is a short conversation, meaning daily practice is quick and easy
  • The scripted prompts have easy to read phonetic translations to assist new language learners with confidence
  • Designed for monolingual adults who want to help their children learn a new language
  • Read one page alongside your child a day to achieve the best results




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