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New-First Phonics Workbook: Follows The Letters and Sounds Structure by Catherine Fisher



Title:  First Phonics Workbook:

Subtitle:  Follows The Letters & Sounds Structure

Author:    Catherine Fisher

Genre: NonFiction/ Language Reference

Format: Paperback 

Pages:   75 pages

Publisher: Independent 

Publication Date: August ,2021

Synopsis:  This phonics workbook shows children how to sound out, blend and read words ~ developing key reading skills.

This phonics workbook follows the order suggested in the letters and sounds phonics system. The sounds/letters covered in this book are: s a t p i n m d.

For the large letters ask your child to trace the letter with their finger saying the sound as they do it. They can also write the letter in the air. Then progress to writing the sounds with a pencil. Each letter is introduced with large letters followed by smaller letters.

Ask your child to ‘sound out’ the 3 letter words then say the sounds faster to blend into a word eg: m – a – p, m a p, m a p, map.

Make sure the sounds are short, for instance, ‘a’ rather than ‘aaaah’.

The book then helps your child to read, copy and write words.

The last few pages are for handwriting practice. Pencils are preferable as they offer a greater sensory feedback than a pen.

Perfect for home schooling, extra practice, tutoring and reinforcement.


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New-Speaking Together In Tagalog: Let’s Talk About School by by Marie Urquidi



Title:  Speaking Together In Tagalog: Let’s Talk About School

Author:    by Marie Urquidi (Author), William Tang (Editor), Tracey Rabago (Illustrator)

Genre: NonFiction/ Language Reference

Format: Paperback 

Pages:   110 pages

Publisher: DLI Parent Books

Publication Date: July ,2021


 Do you want your child to develop an understanding of Tagalog, communicate confidently with others whilst learning a new language yourself? Through phonetic translations, easy phrases for conversation starters, simple activities and extensive practice and review, Speaking Together In Tagalog will provide you with the skills you need to practice a new language easily alongside your child. Designed to offer more opportunities for your student to speak Tagalog outside of schools and private tutoring. Specially designed to equip monolingual parents with the facilities to introduce a new language to children, a wealth of information and ideas for using Tagalog in context means that children can enjoy learning Tagalog from the very start.

  • Each activity is a short conversation, meaning daily practice is quick and easy
  • The scripted prompts have easy to read phonetic translations to assist new language learners with confidence
  • Designed for monolingual adults who want to help their children learn a new language
  • Read one page alongside your child a day to achieve the best results



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Featured-Sandwich Spanish IS Painless Spanish: No Grammar-No Rules by Carol Ann George Phd

Dual Cover SS Front and Baj_ck 10.19-page-0

Title:  Sandwich Spanish IS Painless Spanish: No Grammar-No Rules

Author:    Carol Ann George Phd

Genre: NonFiction/ Language Reference

Format: Paperback & Kindle

Pages:   137 pages

Publication Date: November, 2019


 EVERYONE I Know Wants to SPEAK Spanish! DO YOU?Spanish “de-mystified!A Method that Finally Works! And yes, NO GRAMMAR! No verb conjugations! Just imagine!FROM COVER TO COVER: Everything you Need! Research based, unique method to finally speak and understand real, frequently used Spanish. WHY A SANDWICH? “Sandwich Spanish” is a unique approach! The top bread of your sandwich is to engage in the conversation and get attention, the meat is the purpose for speaking, and the bottom is to culturally close the communication. It is a “Sandwich of Spanish communication”! Authentic language with the right cultural exchange! This book offers 8 TOPIC BUNDLES” of the most frequent daily scenarios, and 40 frequently used NATIVE expressions so you can pivot your way to speaking like a native speaker! With these 40, you will be able to create Spanish that is near native as you perfect the FIVE VOWELS, and the 12 CONSONANT exceptions that are the heart of basic, natural, everyday Spanish conversation! Highlighting a real need for speaking Spanish, each bundle starts by electing a ‘pivot’, or key phrase that can be used “ on call” in several, diverse settings. Then relevant “ingredients” are presented as well as cues and tips. What ultimately strengthens this entire process is the firm acquisition of the five clear vowels that always sound the same (and are the heart of any word in Spanish) and the consonants, which are mostly the same as English with only 12 exceptions. Understanding the sounds and focusing on Spanish pronunciation is key in Sandwich Spanish as it allows us to feel confident and at ease, encouraging more practice, moving us beyond the fear of speaking.The “topic bundles” are at the heart of Sandwich Spanish. They identify the purpose of the conversation by pinpointing the exact language need from the infinite possibilities that exist in all languages, pinpointing the most frequent language functions found in personal, social, and professional settings, such as making small talk with neighbors, dining out, and using public transportation.Instead of grammar rules, these topic bundles give you the most used, most common ‘action forms’ that are practical and easy to learn. You only learn what you need! You are not learning about the language, memorizing verb conjugations you will never use (nor remember anyway): you are learning to use Spanish that will allow you to function in diverse social settings!If you have tried high school and college courses, online resources, apps, podcasts, videos, etc. and still have not been able to speak well enough to carry on a conversation, this book is for you! If you have had enough of grammar, high school Spanish, and online ‘quick fixes’, this book is for you.If you are frustrated after many attempts at learning to speak Spanish, and are stuck at one level, this book is for you.With this strong foundation in Spanish , you will then be able to move on and improve your level of Spanish with confidence! So, join the many others and begin your own BILINGUAL JOURNEY! ¡Buenas Suerte!Artisan 

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