Featured: Her First Time By Lee Cushing

Her First Time (2)

Title:   Her First Time By 

Author:    Lee Cushing

Genre: Fiction/ Horror

Publisher:  Lee Cushing

Pages:   23 pages

Publication Date: February, 2021

Synopsis: When Amber Prince is saved from a brutal attack by a mystery man, she discovers that her saviour is hiding a dark secret – One which may involve her in a sinister scheme that destroy her soul forever

About the author

Raising the Uzi, he fired it point blank at the orange haired creature ripping its claws from the car, watching the Rakshasa convulse and fall. That was five down, only another four to go. Straightening his bright blue jacket, he stared the torn metal in the car. Ouch. Checking the Uzi, he realised that the clip was empty. Casually discarding the weapon, he looked round, trying to pinpoint his remaining targets. Okay, okay. If I was a little maneating monster, where would I be? Kincaid removed the Bren Ten Automatic Pistol from the hidden holster clipped onto the back of his jeans, swiftly checking that he had a full clip. Glancing along the empty street, he could see the river surrounding the empty village. About to continue the hunt, he heard a scream coming from somewhere behind it. That was all he needed, the people living here were supposed to have been evacuated so he could kill these pesky monsters lurking around. But it looked like someone had made a major screw up and people were still here, he was just glad he wasn’t him. Sprinting rapidly, Kincaid scrambled quickly over the fence into the garden of one of the houses, his imitation alligator boots crashing down onto the grass. Continuing running, he smashed his way through the gate and toward the back garden, almost managing to leap over the small fence. Glimpsing the mass of orangeyellow hair ahead, he raised his pistol and began firing, killing one of the demonic creatures instantly. Seeing the other three hastily disappear down the nearest manhole cover, Kincaid continued running toward the homeless people that had been attacked, realising that a couple of them were still alive. Smiling, he rapidly stepped through the mass of torn bodies, trying to ease their suffering. How you doing? Care to get out of here? Noticing how terrified they were from the attack, Kincaid continued smiling. How about we get you nice people a little snack, what do you think? The homeless man slowly rose to his feet, his eyes staring suspiciously at their saviour. Leave us alone. Grinning, Kincaid shook his head. Sorry, pal, I can’t do that. I have to get you and this lovely lady out of danger, okay?

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