Featured: Reunion Obituaries By Ken Rossignol


Title:   Reunion Obituaries

Author:   Ken Rossignol

Genre: Fiction/ Mystery/Serial Novel

Publisher:  Lee Cushing

Pages:   Now up to 39 Chapters

Last Update: Sep 14, 2021

Synopsis: Every year there were fewer members of the Class of ’65 at the occasional reunion. Death came in the form of war, auto crashes, overdoses, disease, and sometimes from walking under ladders while a black cat ran across the road and caused a truck to run up on the sidewalk, hit a lift hoisting a safe to a second-floor window and making the safe drop onto the head of the pedestrian who had been warned by his mother not to walk under ladders.

Info & Buying Link:   https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B093GNTNRC


A white sport coat and a pink carnation…you know the words and Marty Robbins singing the song will remind you of high school dances and your first date.

After reading the first THREE EPISODES which are FREE, Amazon treats you to 200 FREE TOKENS to enjoy more episodes. When you run out of those FREE tokens, you can buy 200 more for $1.99. Thus when you do start paying for the next episode, it’s about a nickel to as much as seven cents.

Please join me on this story, and give a THUMBS UP at the end of each episode. I will really appreciate your support.


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