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Featured YA- The Time Before the Moon by Kameron Williams


Title:   The Time Before the Moon

Author: Kameron Williams

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult Fiction/Mythology

Format: eBook and paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Pages:  351 pages 

Publication Date: May 2018

Synopsis: In the ancient world, when the days were short and the nights were long and moonless, one boy questions the customs of his village—a thing others would never dare to do. He is Omi, and he knows something isn’t right about the place he calls home.Soon his curiosity puts him in danger, and what he learns changes everything. He flees the village, pursued by the wicked hierarchy he’s challenged, its leader desperate to maintain control. Lives are lost, homes are destroyed, and Omi vows to bring justice to the culprits.But to have his revenge, he must first survive the wild.

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Featured YA eBook- Jack Wentworth: The Real Belt by Karen Ward-Wilder

Book.Book Cover (Clear) Jack Wentworth.The Real Belt

Title:   Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt

Author: Karen Ward-Wilder

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult Fiction/Spiritual

Format: eBook

Publisher: Karen Ward-Wilder

Pages:  110 pages 

Publication Date: November, 2017

Synopsis:  Fourteen year-old-Jack Wentworth endures almost daily the pains and scars from the beatings of Ryan, the school bully. Jack’s life starts to change when he meets the mysterious homeless old man in the community library, and as he writes his own mystical story for his writing class at school. Known as being nerdy, Jack starts to discover who really he is, and he soon creates a story where teens on Tempko Island discover a time machine that looks like a gigantic computer. While traveling in the machine, the teens discover Belt Town, in which men, women, and children’s bodies are actually made into belts. Jack learns to survive by using his writing talent as a tool to cope, and as his real life intertwines with his story, his confidence begins to grow and he ultimately understands his truth. This inspiring YA fiction novel, Jack Wentworth (The Real Belt), is the first book of a six-book series designed to help teens boost their confidence and grow into their true purpose.


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