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New Release: Overwhelmed by Grief: Restored Into the Kingdom by Kone Mphela

Overwhelmed by Grief: Restored Into the Kingdom

Overwhelmed by Grief: Restored Into the Kingdom

Title: Overwhelmed by Grief: Restored Into the Kingdom

Author: Kone Mphela

Genre: Fiction/Religious

Format: Kindle

Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books and Publishing

Publication Date: September 2, 2015

Synopsis:  Bongani allowed his grief to overcloud his reasoning, he believed that he has achieved all what he has achieved because his father was always there for him and after his father’s death he became fearful and doubtful. He became to say my Bow is gone which mean he is an arrow and his dad was a bow that helped him to shout. Therefore God send him a messenger to remind him that he God is still there for him and he also reminded him that it was Him who give us power to succeed in life.
But in this book we see that God really meant it when he said nothing can really separate us from him.
God gave Bongani a vision about Terry’s twins however he dismissed it as just a dream because he had the revelation while he was drunk and weakened by the demon of alcoholism. Terry as well because of her arrogance and greed, she was manipulated by the demon of false prosperity as a result she became a surrogate mother for the devil. And also through her wealth many dreams were shattered and destinies were diverted or delayed.
In this book we also learn how people expose themselves these false prophets who go about deceiving people with false prosperity and how dangerous it is to trust on man for success instead of trusting God , people believes more on the power of network connections than on the word of God Deuteronomy 8:18 which says it is God who give us power to get wealth.
Most people on Terry’s network lost their blessing to her as the demon were switching their luck with hers all in the name of power of connections because people forgot that to succeed in life is not based on whom you hang out with, or whom you know and connected with or whom do you play golf with but it is God who direct our step in Psalm 37:23 and in Ecclesiastes 9:11, which says chance happen to all of us.
At the end God restored both Bongani and also used him to restore Terry and Steven marriage and God gave them triplets for the twins that went to heaven early.

Amazon Link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014V1AFCG/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_Yjj6vb00ZF0PH

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