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Featured: Twisted Love Triangle by Samantha Copeland


Title: Twisted Love Triangle

Author: Samantha Copeland

Genre: Non-Fiction/Romance/World Literature

Format: ebook & paperback

208 Pages

Publisher: Page Publishing

Publication Date: October, 2015

Synopsis:   When I sat down to write this book I didn’t just want to be another author. I wanted to write about something a lot of people could relate to, so this book tells the story of a young woman who comes from a very strict faith and ventures out into the big city. There she meets a man who, unbeknownst to her, happens to be married. Through her journey with him, she embarks on a life of deceit and betrayal. Everywhere she turns, from the love of her life to her friends she is lied to, cheated on, and stabbed in the back. Her friends start to become distant and one of them comes clean and tells her they are in love with her. It shocks her because it is not one of her male friends. It happens to be someone she trusts. The stress from the situation is so unbearable that it starts to jeopardize her health. She starts having panic attacks and the one person she thought she could trust uses her and takes revenge on her. This is one non-fiction story you will never forget and I promise you, you will be able to relate…

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Featured Book: Uncommon Sense: A Theory of Human Purpose



Title:   Uncommon Sense: A Theory of Human Purpose

Author: JR Miller

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook & paperback

Publisher:  Page Publishing, Inc.

Pages:   251pages

Publication Date: June 17, 2016

Synopsis:  If anything matters, this book is a good beginning point for any subject of significance, i.e.: Life, Liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc., etc. 

From a Recent 3 Star Review:
“I found the first part of this book complex reading and I really had to slow down while reading to understand fully what was presented, but sticking with it the second part made me ponder a lot of what was being said. This book shares a lot of interesting topics and allows the reader to think outside the box.”


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