New Release: Take Me With You by Troy Gathers

January 31, 2016-


Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration by Troy Gathers

Title: Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration (Volume 1)

Author: Troy Gathers

Genre: Self Help/Self-Improvement

Format: Paperwork and eBook

Publisher: BE YOU Publishing

Publication Date: December 15, 2015


Take Me With You is not your average book of quotes. This original collection of quotes was composed to be thought provoking and bring change in your life. Unlike similar quote books that focus solely on emotion, Take Me With You provides an insight into real everyday life experiences. The purpose of this book is to move and inspire you into a new chapter of your life.

Troy Gathers is a PhD student and entrepreneur who has successfully marketed and sold his products globally. As a youth, Gathers attended 8 different grade schools and dealt with the obstacles of constantly moving and being the new kid on the block. Over the course of his teen years he encountered every type of friend and peer pressure imaginable. As time progressed Troy became unaffected by the distractions and focused solely on education and making the grades to excel. Currently, Gathers travels to churches, schools and prisons providing words of encouragement to those who may share in a similar situation.

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