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Coming Soon: The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty by Avery Brown


Title: Blood & Loyalty  

Series:  The Blood Sagas

Author:    Avery Brown 

Genre: Fiction/Graphic Novel

Publisher: Avery Brown Publishing

Publication Date: Early 2023

Synopsis:    Avery Brown Taps Into Your Imagination With New Graphic Novel!

It’s time to get lost in a book, and with the help of Atlanta-based Author Avery Brown, you will be finding yourself in a new world! For those who love adventure, fantasy, and war, Avery gives you that and more with the release of his debut Novel, “The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty”.

“The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty” is the first book in a Graphic Novel series written by Avery Brown, and it’s a story of freedom, oppression, loyalty, sacrifice, blood, and betrayal. The story focuses on the Shynes, a group of loyalists who strike fear in the masses, who handle things ruthlessly. The Mob is another group in the story who believes in brotherhood, and are young upstarts who seek to make a name for themselves in a free world. Baron Black and Captain BB are a pair in the story who are determined to fight for what’s right in the world, and they recruit various persons to execute their mission. Diablo and Elvira Vasa are a father-daughter pair who make things happen with precision, and they have solid alliances secured when it’s time for war. Each group featured have their sights set on taking down The Republic, a nation of law upholders who are civilized, and desire to rule the world under their leadership.

“The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty” features epic battles, storylines that will grab you, characters that you will become fans of, and wars that pits man against man, and Gods among themselves. Avery Brown expects “The Blood Saga: Blood & Loyalty” to become a bestseller that will launch a multitude of successful followups. As a part of plans for “The Blood Saga”, Avery looks to expand with merchandise that will include apparel, home goods, and accessories, and eyes the possibility of tapping into the Film and Video Game industries in the future.

Book lovers can get their senses ready when “The Blood Sagas: Blood & Loyalty” launches in 2023 through Avery Brown Publishing. For more information, visit thebloodsagas.com.

About the Author

Avery Brown is a New York-born Author who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. A lover of Graphic Novels, Animation, and Film, Brown was inspired by the passing of a dear friend to start a series of Novels that will keep his friend’s name alive for generations to come. Avery Brown is currently working on followups to “The Blood Saga: Blood & Loyalty”, and is excited to share his bodies of work to the world!

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